I have worked in many different mediums since a young age and have had experience in several art forms before finding ceramics. The process from a lump of clay to a finished piece is a lengthy one and the number of steps to completion is vast. However, every time I lift the lid of a kiln and see all of the  colours, textures, and shapes that have come to life after the hundreds of hours it takes to get to that point, the creative fire in me reignites.

My ceramics are primarily wheel-thrown and are modern, minimalist, and functional, with playful pops of colour and subtle textures, finished in clean, satiny smooth glazes. I aim to create pieces that urge the viewer to not only look, but to pick up and feel the piece in their hands. The intention and hope for my work is that it will be something the owner will want to regularly use and feel pleasure when doing so. With people spending so much more time at home, I love the idea of surrounding oneself with handmade items to bring a sense of calm and happiness into their day. Knowing that an object I have created from nothing with my two hands ends up in peoples homes, becomes part of their daily routines or rituals, brings joy in their every day lives, or is carefully selected and gifted to a loved one is why I do what I do.

Thanks to funding from the SK Arts Board, I was able to purchase and install my own kiln in the spring of 2021 in my home studio in Saskatoon, which has enabled me to produce many more pots and turn my hobby into a fulltime career.